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DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – JUNE 4, 2013   Leave a comment

RIP 60Getting back into suspension training over lunchtime at work, and setting up routines that will last me for the next couple of months. Here’s the program for today:

1200 Outdoor Suspension Training
1. Row & Rear Delt Fly 4×8
2. Triceps Extension & Fly 4×8
3. Rhomboid Pull & Bicep Curl 4×8
4. Swimmer’s Crawl & Mountain Climbers 4×8

1500 Perfect Push-ups
1. Regular 4×4
2. Wide 4×4
3. Narrow 4×4
4. Regular 4×4

1915 Stairs (30 mins.)

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – OCTOBER 4   Leave a comment

Still working on whipping the respiratory symptoms from last week’s cold/flu, but feeling like I am getting back on track. Temperatures were cooler today and it was time to get out the old school sweat pants again. Here’s what I got done:

A. Outdoor Suspension Training
1a. Under-grip Row 4×8
1b. Rear Delt Fly 4×8
2a. Over-grip (or “Prone Grip”) Curl 4×8
2b. Triceps Extension 4×8
3a. Rhomboid Pull 4×8
3c. Bicep Curl 4×8
4a. Over-grip Row 4×8
4b. Crunches 4×30

B. 5K Run

C. Indoor Perfect Push-ups
1. Regular 11,8,5
2. Wide 11,8,5
3. Narrow 11,8,5
4. Regular 11,8,5

D. Indoor Pull-up Bar
1. Regular Pull-ups 1…MX…1 (pyramid)
2. Chin-ups 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
3. Narrow Grip 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
4. Commando 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
5. Dips 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 14   Leave a comment

OK, Fridays are an intense Upper Body workout day in the program I am close to finalizing for the season. Two workouts today: noontime suspension training, and an after-work ruck run with MARSOC Short Card calisthenics. Looked like this:

1200: Suspension Training (RIP:60) in Parking Lot
1. Underhand Row: 4×8
2. Rear Deltoid Fly: 4×8
3. Overhand “Prone Grip” Curl: 4×8
4. Triceps Extension: 4×8
5. Rhomboid Pull: 4×8
6. Underhand Curl: 4×8
7. Overhand Grip Row: 4×8
8. Stretch

1745: Ruck Intervals and Modified MARSOC Short Card at Harriett Island and Lilydale Regional Park
Ruck 3.1 miles with a 25 lb pack including 0.9 mile 300 ft ascent segment: 42:15 (not including calisthenic time)
At intervals during ascent completed the following with the 25 lb pack on at all times:
1. Regular Push-ups: 10
2. Squats: 30
3. Elevated Crunches: 30
4. Eight-count Burpees: 5
5. Wide Push-ups: 10
6. Mountain Climbers: 30
7. Flutter Kicks: 30
8. Eight-count Burpees: 5
9. Diamond Push-ups: 10
10. Star Jumpers: 30
11. Back Extensions: 30
12. Eight-count Burpees: 5
13. Regular Push-ups: 10
14. Lunges: 30 (30L + 30R)
15. Hello Dollies: 30
16. Eight-count Burpees: 5
17. Max Pull-ups: 4,1,1,1

The MARSOC Short Card is a real favorite of mine, and can be accessed in the MARSOC A&S Prep Guide HERE.
The weather has been very mild here in Minnesota for working out, and to tell you the truth…kinda boring. I do get a thrill out of running and rucking in the rain, and haven’t had a shot at it lately. Crossing my fingers and keeping an eye on the western horizon! 😉



I have been doing suspension strap training for over a year now. What I like about suspension strap training is that it is a totally portable set-up that gives you a wide variety of resistance training (gravity, your bodyweight and your angle of incline) options. As a matter of fact, most of my suspension training exercises involve whole body movement, whether slow or explosive. On this last point, suspension training can also be a little easier on the joints than movements involving impact – and here I am especially thinking about knees. Anyway, I initially learned suspension strap training techniques with a TRX set at my local YMCA. TRX is a very good product and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. That said, I couldn’t afford to buy my own. Then one day I was walking through Menard’s (of all places) and they had RIP:60 sets on clearance for $55. I looked it over, determined it looked a lot like a TRX set, and brought it home. My RIP:60 set has become a mainstay of my training regimen during the work week. During lunch, I can change and go to a local parking lot and get in a total beat-down workout and be back at my desk within the hour. It is an understatement to say I am very happy with the price, durability and utility of the RIP:60 product. I wish I had bought three or four more to hand out to friends. In terms of comparison to the TRX, I personally would say they are very comparable. They have some differences in design of the loops at the ends of the strap. RIP:60 has a large nylon encased loop with a movable hard plastic handle. This allows a lot of different set-ups for both hands and feet. If somebody sends me a TRX, I’ll do a more detailed comparison. For now, I can tell you that a RIP:60 is a solid buy and a very valuable addition to your workout gear. You can check out the RIP:60 Suspension Trainer and linked products HERE.


0700: 3.2 Mile Run

1200: Suspension Strap Training (RIP 60)
1. Warm-up Run
2. Jumping Lunges 30
3. Triceps Extension & Fly 3×8
4. Push-ups with Rotation 30
5. Plank, Crunch, Stir & Pike 10
6. Jumping Squats 30
7. Bicep Curl & Rear Delt Fly 3×8
8. Lat Pull with Rotation 30
9. Plank, Crunch, Stir & Pike 10
10. Pistol Squats 30
11. Lat Pull Down & Prone Grip 3×8
12. Reach (swimmer’s crawl) with Rotation 30
13. Plank, Crunch, Stir & Pike 30
14. Cool Down Run
–> I went to 3×8 (three sets of 8) instead of 1×30 (one set of 30) on the upper body exercises to put more effort into building muscle mass at this stage in my training. The difference with 3×8 is that I am maintaining more incline and resistance during my sets than I did in the 1×30.

1500: Perfect Push-ups
1. Regular Push-ups: 12,9,7,5
2. Wide Push-ups: 4,2,3,2
3. Narrow Push-ups: 6,3,1,2
–> Should have thrown in another set of regular push-ups!

Yes, I use a RIP 60 set and that’s TRX in the photo. I use RIP 60 because I got a good deal on them ($55) one day and just haven’t seen a good deal on TRX yet. However, I trained with TRX last year and had a good experience with them as well.