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Kirk Parsley (Navy SEAL) published an informative video onthe importance of sleep for training and performance. He also providestips for improving sleep. Personally when I need guaranteed high quality sleep, it’s a slumber mask and earplugs that get the job done. Self-check your own sleep patterns and how they may be impacting your training and performance. Check it out!

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Any plan for weight loss that does not include a plan for catching adequate sleep is self-sabotaging. Sleep is an important and very purposeful component in any physical fitness improvement plan. Lack of sleep catalyzes hormone levels that can slow metabolism and increase appetite — and that’s a tough combination to beat. Review your own physical fitness plan and explicitly (in writing!) make a plan to catch sufficient sleep! The importance of sleep was recently validated in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. You can read an article summary HERE.

If you would like to evaluate the current status and physical fitness impact of your sleep patterns, contact me – Tom Delaney – at