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swimpt1-300x300Here is Stew Smith’s (Navy SEAL) Spec Ops Fitness Workout for today:

1. Ruck or Run/Swim
a. Repeat 10 times
1/4 mile at goal mile pace
stretch 1 min

b. Repeat 5 times
1/2 mile at goal mile pace
stretch 2 min

2. Swim with fins 1500m for time or ruck 5 miles

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 9, 2012   Leave a comment

Today was short and simple, a 30 lb (weighted vest) ruck run down trail for 5K, including a 1.5K/100m hill ascent. This is my Harriett Island and Brickyard Trail route and I will be organizing my weekend runs here into fundraising for the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Foundation. In the winter, I will be humping this trail and hill with snowshoes. I am looking forward to the challenge! – Tom

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 2, 2012   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I posted up what I’m doing for workouts, and things have changed over the past month. I like to keep my workouts feeling fresh, and research indicates that switching up your workout routines regularly leads to better gains. Here’s what got done yesterday:

1. 5K Harriett Island & Brickyard Trail Run with 30 lb Weighted Vest (900′ ascent)
2. Underhand Lift/Curl/Press (60 lbs) 3×4 & BOSU Bicycles 3xMAX
3. Standing Dumbbell Triceps Press (60 lbs) 3×5 & BOSU Crunches 3xMAX
4. Overhand Lift/Curl/Press (50 lbs) 3×4 & BOSU Flutter Kicks 3xMAX
5. BOSU Prone Triceps Press (50 lbs) 3×8 & Side Leans (60 lbs) 3xMAX
6. Bench Press (100 lbs) 3×8 & Ab Straps Side-to-Side Wipers 3xMAX
7. Regular Pull-ups 1,2,3,2,1
8. Chin-ups 1,2,3,2,1
9. Narrow Pull-ups 1,2,1
10. Commando Pull-ups with Leg Extension 1,2,3,2,1

You can replicate this same workout for yourself. Keep the sets down to three and the reps between 4 to 8, and adjust weight as you are capable. Be creative with your paired ab exercises as well. I really like using a BOSU for that stuff. Focus on non-stop movement. In the short breaks between sets I keep moving, especially stepping onto, off and around the BOSU. Yes, listening to Deep Purple helps me keep moving and gives me a chance to work on my rock star moves. 😉

Train hard, never quit, live well!



Awesome video from USAF Special Operations Recruiting and Combat Controller training! Check it out! Watch it HERE!

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 21   Leave a comment

Today’s PT integrated a shorter run in the afternoon as my wife (yoga instructor) who is rehab’ing from bilateral plantar fasciitis joined in on the run. Her top speed is a jog so I compensated by shortening the afternoon route and donning a 40 lb. weighted vest for myself to slow me down to a matched jogging pace. I’ve done this in the past as a reliable way to be able to run with a slower group yet still get a workout, especially on hills and doing calisthenics. Today’s PT looked like this:

Outdoor 5K Run

Outdoor 2 Mile Brickyard Trail Hills Interval Run with 40 lb weighted vest
Modified MARSOC Assessment & Selection “Short Card” with 40 lb weighted vest
1. Interval 1:
a. Regular Push-Ups 5
b. Squats 30
c. Reverse Push-ups 5
d. Cunches 30
e. 8-Count Burpees 5
2. Interval 2:
a. Wide Push-ups 5
b. Mountain Climbers 30
c. Reverse Push-ups 5
d. Flutter Kicks 30
e. 8-Count Burpees 5
3. Interval 3:
a. Diamond Push-ups: 5
b. Star Jumpers 30
c. Reverse Push-ups 5
d. Back Extensions 30
e. 8-Count Burpees 5
4. Interval 4:
a. Regular Push-ups 5
b. Lunges 30 (30L + 30R)
c. Reverse Push-ups
d. Hello Dollies 30
e. 8-Count Burpees 5
5. FINISH: Pull-ups 3 x MAX

Friday PT is open for participation, so if your fitness goals call for high-standard training, contact me – Tom Delaney – at We will design an individualized plan and progress monitoring system, get you set up with 24/7 personal and online coaching, get you in fightin’ shape, and have a really good time doin’ it!

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 14   Leave a comment

OK, Fridays are an intense Upper Body workout day in the program I am close to finalizing for the season. Two workouts today: noontime suspension training, and an after-work ruck run with MARSOC Short Card calisthenics. Looked like this:

1200: Suspension Training (RIP:60) in Parking Lot
1. Underhand Row: 4×8
2. Rear Deltoid Fly: 4×8
3. Overhand “Prone Grip” Curl: 4×8
4. Triceps Extension: 4×8
5. Rhomboid Pull: 4×8
6. Underhand Curl: 4×8
7. Overhand Grip Row: 4×8
8. Stretch

1745: Ruck Intervals and Modified MARSOC Short Card at Harriett Island and Lilydale Regional Park
Ruck 3.1 miles with a 25 lb pack including 0.9 mile 300 ft ascent segment: 42:15 (not including calisthenic time)
At intervals during ascent completed the following with the 25 lb pack on at all times:
1. Regular Push-ups: 10
2. Squats: 30
3. Elevated Crunches: 30
4. Eight-count Burpees: 5
5. Wide Push-ups: 10
6. Mountain Climbers: 30
7. Flutter Kicks: 30
8. Eight-count Burpees: 5
9. Diamond Push-ups: 10
10. Star Jumpers: 30
11. Back Extensions: 30
12. Eight-count Burpees: 5
13. Regular Push-ups: 10
14. Lunges: 30 (30L + 30R)
15. Hello Dollies: 30
16. Eight-count Burpees: 5
17. Max Pull-ups: 4,1,1,1

The MARSOC Short Card is a real favorite of mine, and can be accessed in the MARSOC A&S Prep Guide HERE.
The weather has been very mild here in Minnesota for working out, and to tell you the truth…kinda boring. I do get a thrill out of running and rucking in the rain, and haven’t had a shot at it lately. Crossing my fingers and keeping an eye on the western horizon! 😉


STEW SMITH (USN SEAL) W.O.D. – SEPTEMBER 7   Leave a comment

Stew Smith (USN SEAL) and his team completed the following WOD at their session yesterday in Maryland. Check it out, follow along with the team or think about integrating the workout into your own current program. If you want support, contact me – Tom Delaney – at Here’s the WOD:

Run hills or bleachers 30 minutes

ruck march 30 minutes for distance with 40-50#

swim with fins 1000-1500m for time