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Anyone who writes a running shoe review without having covered at least 300 miles in those shoes is not giving you quality information. Here in Saint paul, Minnesota (USA) I have a unique and rigorous environment for testing running shoes in that within a year I am wearing running shoes repeatedly in pouring rain, 90+ F heat, snow, slush, and -20 F and lower temps. For my environment, I need shoes with high-standard workmanship and materials that will not break down when worn repeatedly in highly adverse conditions. Now that I have clocked well more than 300 miles ona pair of UK Gear PT-1000 shoes, I am ready to weigh in on their quality. These shoes were specifically designed and constructed for utilization in military physical training. Quick dry fabric, heavy stitching and sturdy construction are a couple of the exceptional features of this shoe. I can attest that this shoe is everything it was deisgned to be. This is a high standard shoe that makes it through heat, freeze, rain, slush, snow and everything else that a tough Minnesota year can throw at you in your training. It’s a comfortable and stable shoe whether running in a sport sock or even thicker wool socks. I really don’t have a singloe criticism of this shoe. So, bottom line, awesome durable running shoe! Check it out at the UK Gear website HERE.