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DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 26   Leave a comment

Wednesdays are rest days in my current program. Still on my business trip in northern Minnesota and staying in campgrounds overnight, I hit the Crow Wing State Park trail along the Mississippi River at dusk for a 6-mile hike with map and compass. At sunset I decided to step off the trail and see if I could navigate my way to a destination point on another trail a half-mile away. The darkness and brush density became an increasing challenge, but I pulled it off successfully. It was a good practice session, that’s for sure! By the way I use the Cammenga 3H Tritium Compass and would rely on it in even the toughest situations.


DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 25   Leave a comment

Today I am on a business trip in northern Minnesota and camping at Lake Bemidji State Park. There is a very good network of trails here with educational signs along all the routes. It was good to run and pick up knowledge at the same time. I hit the trail at dusk with a map and compass to keep my bearings as I ran. I split the trail into intervals by doing calisthenics at each point where trails intersected. Here’s what I got done:

Outdoor 3 Mile Lake Bemidi State Park Trail Intervals
Modified MARSOC Assessment & Selection “Short Card”
1. Interval 1:
a. Regular Push-Ups 30
b. Squats 30
c. Cunches 30
d. 8-Count Burpees 10
2. Interval 2:
a. Wide Push-ups 30
b. Mountain Climbers 30
c. Flutter Kicks 30
d. 8-Count Burpees 10
3. Interval 3:
a. Diamond Push-ups: 20
b. Star Jumpers 30
c. Back Extensions 30
d. 8-Count Burpees 10
4. Interval 4:
a. Regular Push-ups 30
b. Lunges 30 (30L + 30R)
c. Hello Dollies 30
d. 8-Count Burpees 10

SERE Training Mobile Phase Video   Leave a comment

This is it! Land navigation! It combines physical fitness with developing the ability to think along multiple dimensions simultaneously – not just spatial, but chronological and situational as well. Perhaps unlike other phases of SERE, this is phase involves exercises and drills for skill development that you can participate in locally. If you or your team want to to improve your own skill level as well test your mental and physical limits with land navigation, contact me – Tom Delaney – at and let me know. I will set you up with introductory training and a challenging course that will educate you, motivate you and give you a focus for future skill development.

FALL 2012 GRTFC – PT SCHEDULE   Leave a comment

OK, so I looked over fall scheduling opportunities, and here’s how the Physical Training (PT) schedule shaped up:

TUESDAYS 0600 “Morning Beauty Routine”
FRIDAY 1730 “Happy Hour”
SUNDAYS 1400 “Sunday PT Service”


We will continue to meet at Harriet Island (Saint Paul, MN) for PT sessions. In terms of workouts, I am looking to mix it up with different types of running (long slow distance, trail running, interval sprints, hills, etc.), calisthenics (showin’ some love to Mother Earth with push-ups, flutter kicks, 8-count burpees and more), and would like to see us get into some basic land navigation and orienteering exercises, and some rope climbing as well.

As always, no charge to participate in training, just your commitment! Train hard, never quit, live well!