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Marine Corps Recruiting Station – St. Louis has just released another awesome video explaining the 3-day “Mini-Bootcamp” they organize and host for Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program (DEP) poolees. The experience is designed to familiarize prospective Marine Corps recruits with the physical, mental and moral aspects of the recruit training they will experience at either of the Marine Corps Recruit Depots. Core components of the program include:

1. Initial Strength Test (1.5 mile run, max pull-ups or flexed arm hang, and max crunches)
2. Drill Instructor led training
3. Marine Corps drill
4. Weapons training
5. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)
6. Charity cookout

The purpose of the program is to ensure that the best-qualified and best-prepared recruits are sent to the Marine Corps Recruit Depots. Check out the video HERE!


DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 4   Leave a comment

I am finalizing my fall workout program and have allotted Tuesdays for a focus on upper body and some core workout. After allotting the day, the next thing I like to do is inventory all of the exercises I can integrate for that day with that muscle group focus, sort of doing a broad survey of what my options are. This allows me to:

1. Catalog my exercise options as a list.
2. See baseline levels for each of the cataloged exercises.
3. Begin to see ways of linking the cataloged exercises into circuits for future workouts.
4. Have fun just doing a wide variety of exercises and really mixing it up.

So yesterday, I got out my BOSU, my Perfect Push-ups, and my pull-up bar. I keep a bench, heavy bag, speed bag and ab straps set up in my basement at all times. Using this gear, I made the following happen:

1. Perfect push-ups – regular: 12,12,6
2. Under-grip curls – 50 lbs: 4×8
3. Pull-ups: 2,4,2
4. BOSU atomic crunches to flutter kicks: 30

5. Perfect push-ups – wide: 12,12,6
6. Over-grip curls – 40 lbs
7. Chin-ups: 2,4,2
8. Rotating planks on inverted BOSU: 5×30″ (C,L,C,R,C)

9. Perfect push-ups – narrow: 6,6,3
10. Triceps Press on BOSU – 40 lbs: 4,4,4
11. Pull-ups – narrow grip: 1,2,3,2,1
12. Rotating V-ups on BOSU: 5×4 (C,L,C,R,C)

13a. Dips: 3,3,3 (alternated sets with upright rows 13b)
13b. Upright rows – 50 lbs: 7,4,4
14. Commando pull-ups: 2,2,2
14. Swiss ball Roman chair sit-ups: 12

15a. Heavy bag punching – 3 minute rounds: 2 (made a circuit with 15b, 15c and 15d)
15b. Speed bag punching – 3 minutes: 2
15c. Bench press – 125 lbs: 2×4
15d. Ab straps side-to-sides and knee-ups: 2×5

16. Stretch

This workout session was a lot of fun, especially working with the heavy bag alternating with the speed bag.


Shorter workout opportunity today as I had to work my day job and an evening job. I used my RIP 60 Suspension Straps to get in a noon workout. Here’s what got done:

1200: Suspension Strap Training (RIP 60)
1. Warm-up Run
2. Jumping Lunges 30
3. Triceps Extension & Fly 4×8
4. Push-ups with Rotation 30
5. Plank, Crunch, Stir & Pike 10
6. Jumping Squats 30
7. Bicep Curl & Rear Delt Fly 4×8
8. Lat Pull with Rotation 30
9. Plank, Crunch, Stir & Pike 10
10. Pistol Squats 30
11. Lat Pull Down & Prone Grip 4×8
12. Reach (swimmer’s crawl) with Rotation 30
13. Plank, Crunch, Stir & Pike 30
14. Cool Down Run

Warrior Ethos: Marine Corps Martial Arts Program   Leave a comment

A recent article out of Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego profiled USMC Martial Arts Instructors (MAI’s) and the importance of martial arts instruction for Marine recruit indoctrination. Although the purpose of a MAI is to teach the fundamentals of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), they are also there to instill Warrior Ethos. Staff Sgt. Jonh Saracay describes how martial arts instruction ties into Warrior Ethos. “Warrior Ethos stresses mental and character development, including the responsible use of force, leadership, and teamwork. ‘At the end of each class, we have tie-ins,’ said Saracay. ‘It’s a period of time where the MAI can cool down the recruits, have them relax and explain to them how Marines have evolved with MCMAP.’” Basic martial arts instruction is a valuable part of an overall physical training program designed to maximize agility and quickness of response. In addition the mental aspects of even basic martial arts training generalize benefits to all areas of athletic performance. You can pick up basic martial arts instruction in a safe environment at minimal costs. Even a solitary workout on a heavy bag is a grueling experiencethat builds both core strength and character. You can read the full article HERE.

Workout of the Day – Highland Games Training – 25 February 2012   Leave a comment

My Irish Saffron kilt and gear from Stillwater kilts arrived in the mail, and its quality is outstanding! As for training, here’s what I got done:

Wing Chun with partner, 90 minutes

5 mile hike with 50 lb weighted vest

1. Warm-up: BOSU Balance Trainer, spiralling and jumping rope, 10 minutes
2. Goblet squats (50 lb vest & 46 lb dumbbell) 8,6,5,3 & Ab Straps side-to-side 4 sets of max
3. Calf risers (50 lb vest and & 60 lb dumbbell) 14,14,8,8 & Ab Straps side-to-side 4 sets of max
4. Hamstring curls (65 lbs) 6,5,4,4 & Ab Straps side-to-side 4 sets of Max
5. Quad curls (135 lbs) 8,6,6,4 & Ab Straps side-to-side 4 sets of Max
6. Cool-down & stretching

Practice Session for February 6, 2012   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I posted up my own “workout” and in the past weeks I have really worked on establishing a daily “practice” as defined by Michael Murphy and George Leonard. My numbers are a little down perhaps owing to coming off the flu this past weekend, but anyway here’s my practice for today:

1. 30 minutes Taijiquan (24 Form)
2. 5K run with 20 lb weighted vest (approx. 30 min.)
3. Regular Perfect Push-ups: 10,4,5
4. Goblet Squat (20 lb): 6
5. BOSU Crunches: 10 Center, 10 Left, 10 Center, 10 Right, 10 Center
6. Eight-count Perfect Push-up Burpees: 4
7. Wide Perfect Push-ups: 1,1,1
8. Perfect Push-up Mountain Climbers: 5
9. BOSU Flutter Kicks: 5
10. Eight-count Perfect Push-up Burpees: 3
11. Narrow Perfoect Push-ups: 6
12. BOSU Star Jumpers: 30
13. BOSU Sky Jumpers: 30
14. Eight-count Perfect Push-up Burpees: 1
15. Regular Perfect Push-ups: 6,2,2
16. Lunges (5 lb x 2): 3
17. BOSU Hello Dollies: —
18. Pull-ups with Leg Extension: 1,1
19. Chin-ups with Leg Extension: 1,2,1
20. Commando Pull-ups with Leg Extension: 1,1
21. Dips: 1,1
22. Stretching Cool-down
23. 15 minutes of sitting meditation
24. 5 minutes of walking meditation

Finishing up reading George Leonard’s The Silent Pulse.

– Tom Delaney, 6 February 2012

BOSU Balance Training for Wing Chun Martial Arts   Leave a comment

Here is a good example of utilizing the BOSU Balance Trainer for Wing Chun martial arts practice, in this case working with “centre line.” If you know me, you know I’m a BOSU BT endorser all the way. Check out instructor Alan Orr’s video clip. If you’re up for trying it out with me, definitely let’s do it! – Tom