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Another beautiful day at Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego! How DO they do it?


This is the story of Jason Jaksetic’s 100-mile snowshoe race. Like it says, “It’s about pushing past what is realistic so you can find out what’s possible.” This is the story and the guy that inspired me to take up snowshoe racing this year. I like cold weather, I like endurance challenges, and I like being in the wilderness. I’m going to start with a 10K race, but I would like to see and learn how far I can go, especially if it helps others. – Tom (Support me at


Trail running doesn’t need to end when the snow flies. I am geared up and ready for snowshoe trekking this winter, and raising money for the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Foundation. Watch this vid and stay motivated!

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 21, 2012   Leave a comment

Let the T-Day counter-offensive begin! The end of the work week is for ruck runs and my own version of the MARSOC Short Card. You can replicate this workout for yourself, adjusting distance, weight, and reps. Contact me if you want help doing that. Here’s what got done today:

3.1 Mile Brickyard Trail & Hill (0.9 mile, 300 ft ascent) Intervals (Night Run)
Modified MARSOC Assessment & Selection “Short Card”
30 lb Weighted Vest

1. Interval 1:
a. Regular Push-Ups 10
b. Squats 30
c. Reverse Dips 5
d. Crunches 20+
e. 8-Count Burpees 5

2. Interval 2:
a. Wide Push-ups 10
b. Bench Jumps (2.5 ft) 15
c. Reverse Dips 5
d. Flutter Kicks 30+
e. 8-Count Burpees 5

3. Interval 3:
a. Diamond Push-ups 5
b. Star Jumpers 30
c. Reverse Dips 5
d. Back Extensions 30
e. 8-Count Burpees 5

4. Interval 4:
a. Regular Push-ups 10
b. Lunges 30 (30L + 30R)
c. Reverse Dips 5
d. Hello Dollies 30
e. 8-Count Burpees 10

5. FINISH: Pull-ups 3 x MAX

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 9, 2012   Leave a comment

Today was short and simple, a 30 lb (weighted vest) ruck run down trail for 5K, including a 1.5K/100m hill ascent. This is my Harriett Island and Brickyard Trail route and I will be organizing my weekend runs here into fundraising for the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Foundation. In the winter, I will be humping this trail and hill with snowshoes. I am looking forward to the challenge! – Tom


Today, on the eve of their 237th birthday, the Marine Corps publicized their web page detailing the three fitness tests used for assessment, selection and qualification in different phases of basic Marine Corps training. This is a very informative web page with excellent text and illustrations for anyone who wants to know more about physical qualification in the Marine Corps. Note thatyou do not have to be a Marine to put Marine Corps training to work in your own quest for physical fitness. If you want to be fit like a MArine, well then start training like a Marine. What I most appreciate about the training regimens published by the MArine Corps is that they do not require exotic equipment, and they are already proven effective, not experimental. If you are looking for affordable, effective and sustainable physical training, the MArine Corps is a great place to find it! I am speaking from experience on that one! Check out the Marine Corps fitness tests HERE.

If you or your team wants to plan a fitness assessment and organize physical fitness training for work, home and community, give me – Tom Delaney – an e-mail at We will develop a customized program that is affordable, sustainable, effective and most of all – HIGHLY MOTIVATING!

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 8, 2012   Leave a comment

I completed my Monday, Thursday, Saturday workout today, because..after all…today is Thursday!

1. Speed Bag Warm-up 5 mins
2. Underhand Lift/Curl/Press (70 lbs) 3×4 & BOSU Bikes
3. Behind Neck Press (70 lbs) 3×6 & BOSU Crunches
4. Overhand Lift/Curl/Press (60 lbs) 3×5 & BOSU Flutter Kicks
5. BOSU Prone Triceps Press (60 lbs) 3×5 & Side Leans (60 lbs)
6. Bench Press (110 lbs) 3×5 & Ab Straps Wipers
7. Regular Pull-ups 1,2,3,4,3,2,1
8. Chin-ups 1,2,3,2,1
9. Narrow Grip Pull-ups 1,2,3,2,1
10. Commando Pull-ups with Leg Extension 1,2,3,2,1
11. Regular Perfect Push-ups 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2
12. Wide Perfect Push-ups 4,8,4
13. Narrow Perfect Push-ups 4,8,4
14. Regular Perfect Push-ups: 4,8,6
15. Dips 1,2,1
16. Stretch 20 mins

You can replicate this same workout for yourself by modifying the weights and how far you go up the pyramids for pull-ups and push-ups.

If you or your team want to design a customized physical fitness assessment and program, contact me – Tom Delaney – at, and we will make it happen!


Stew Smith (Navy SEAL) is an informative authority on physical fitness preparation for special operations assessment and selection (e.g. the Physical Screening Test for BUD/S selection). Recently, Smith published an article to reiterate his view that push-ups and pull-ups require a minimum 24-hour recovery period similiar to any resistance training.

This is not breaking news for the field of physical training as it has been understood for a while that 24-hour recovery periods work well in general, and therefore there are advantages in daily training programs to alternating upper body workout days with lower body workout days. For example, Paul Roarke (USMC Ret.) incorporates the alternating days approach in his Enhanced Physical Readiness System. That all said, many people preparing for special operations selection continue to perform push-ups and pull-ups on a daily basis because they understand it as a rapid way to increase their maximimum capacity for repetitions, and/or because they understand that push-ups and pull-ups will be required of them on a daily basis in the spec ops training program to which they are applying. The Navy Special Warfare PT Guide currently prescribes four days a week of pull-ups combined with push-ups, with three of those days in a row. The problem is that there is a point of diminishing returns with this approach, where gains will cease and decreases may even be observed.

One thing I am interested in is whether there may in fact be advantages to doing push-up and pull-up type calisthenics every day in the same way that there has been suggested benefits of running every day, alternating high effort run days with lighter recovery run days. In my current program for example, I alternate focused intense upper body workout days with other days with relatively lighter suspension strap training (e.g. jumping squats and lunges). It seems to be working for me, and I have the data to show it. That said, can I really narrow it down to the single explanation of how upper body workouts happen on alternate days in my program? Maybe not. But at this point, progress is progress and I am not going to fix something that isn’t broken.

You can read Stew Smith’s (Navy SEAL) full article HERE.

If you or your team want to develop a customized physical fitness assessment and improvement program that is effective, affordable and sustainable, contact me – Tom Delaney – at It’s what I do and my work motivates me every day! You will be just as motivated too!

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 2, 2012   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I posted up what I’m doing for workouts, and things have changed over the past month. I like to keep my workouts feeling fresh, and research indicates that switching up your workout routines regularly leads to better gains. Here’s what got done yesterday:

1. 5K Harriett Island & Brickyard Trail Run with 30 lb Weighted Vest (900′ ascent)
2. Underhand Lift/Curl/Press (60 lbs) 3×4 & BOSU Bicycles 3xMAX
3. Standing Dumbbell Triceps Press (60 lbs) 3×5 & BOSU Crunches 3xMAX
4. Overhand Lift/Curl/Press (50 lbs) 3×4 & BOSU Flutter Kicks 3xMAX
5. BOSU Prone Triceps Press (50 lbs) 3×8 & Side Leans (60 lbs) 3xMAX
6. Bench Press (100 lbs) 3×8 & Ab Straps Side-to-Side Wipers 3xMAX
7. Regular Pull-ups 1,2,3,2,1
8. Chin-ups 1,2,3,2,1
9. Narrow Pull-ups 1,2,1
10. Commando Pull-ups with Leg Extension 1,2,3,2,1

You can replicate this same workout for yourself. Keep the sets down to three and the reps between 4 to 8, and adjust weight as you are capable. Be creative with your paired ab exercises as well. I really like using a BOSU for that stuff. Focus on non-stop movement. In the short breaks between sets I keep moving, especially stepping onto, off and around the BOSU. Yes, listening to Deep Purple helps me keep moving and gives me a chance to work on my rock star moves. 😉

Train hard, never quit, live well!



Get out and run today!