This is a list of no-cost online resources for physical training in preparation for military qualification or special operations assessment and selection. You can help me keep this list updated and useful for everyone working and training hard in the shared quest of achieving high standard physical fitness and those with the personal vision of earning a place among the honored warriors of our nation. If you find a dead link in this list, please e-mail me – Tom Delaney – at so that I can get that link updated. Thank you for your cooperation on this effort.

Army Physical Fitness Training Manual (FM 21-20)

Army Physical Readiness Training Manual (TC 3-22.20)

Stew Smith (US Navy, SEAL) – Heroes of Tomorrow Fitness Center

Master Gunnery Sergeant Paul Roarke (USMC, Ret.) – Corps Strength

Attackpoint Online Training Logs

Air Force Special Operations Command Combat Rescue Officer Selection Program

Marine Corps High Intensity Tactical Training
Athlete HITT:
Combat HITT:
Warrior HITT:
Exercise Library:

Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Assessment & Selection Preparation Guide

Navy Special Warfare Physical Training Guides
1998: – PDF – Health)US Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide.pdf

Navy SEAL/EOD/SWCC/DIVER/AIRR PST Standards & Procedures

NSCA Training for the Tactical Athlete (SFAS)

USMC Combat Fitness Test Training

Army In-Service Special Forces Recruiting Program Pamphlet

Swim Training & Combat Swimmer’s Stroke

Ruck Run

Posted October 23, 2010 by Tom & Nicki Delaney


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