DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 21, 2013   Leave a comment

Trail Run MorningWell, it’s time to fire up the GRF page again! It’s snowing here today, so the outdoor training scene is beginning to evolve toward winter. That said, t he temperatures here have been very accomodating, ranging from the upper 30’s to mid 40’s — sultry weather for Minnesota this time of year! OK, here’s what I got done today:

3-mile trail and hill run (Brickyard Trail, Lilydale Regional Park)

Note: Had to squeeze in a fast workout at work over lunch because tonight I’m booked up. So…
Parabody ST950 Exercise Machine Session
a. Cable Biceps Curls (50 lbs): 3×5
b. Cable Upright Rows (40 lbs): 3×4
c. Cable Reverse Biceps Curls (30 lbs): 3×4
d. Sitting Cable Pulls (100 lbs): 3×5
e. Cable Bench Press (100 lbs): 3×5
f. Regular Perfect Push-ups: 3,1
g. Wide Perfect Push-ups: 2,1
h. Narrow Perfect Push-ups: 1,1
i. Regular Perfect-Push-ups: 3,2,1

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