DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – NOVEMBER 6, 2012   Leave a comment

OK, I am shaping up my winter program. Today is a core and lower body workout day for me. Here’s what got done:

1. RIP:60 Suspension Training

3 sets of:
a. Jumping Squats 15
b. Lunges 15 (15L + 15R)
c. Pistol Squats 15 (15L + 15R)
d. Mountain Climbers 15 (15L +15R)

2. Sprints
a. 20 yds x 6
b. 40 yds x 6
c. 60 yds x 4
d. 80 yds x2

3. Crunches 30
4. Dirty Dogs 30 (30L + 30R)
5. Flutter Kicks 30

You can replicate this workout for yourself. If you don’t have a suspension training set, just do regular squats and lunges. For sprints, do the number of reps you are comfortable covering. Use time as a parameter and shoot for putting in a solid 30 to 40 minute effort. Shoot e an e-mail at if you want more clarification or help with adapting the workou to your situation.

Met some interested staff from National American University today too, and kicked myself yet again for not packing any business cards on me. You know, when you’re walking out the door to do sprints, business cards are not the first thing that come to mind! 😉

If you or your team are ineterested in designing a customized individual, team or workplace fitness program, contact me – Tom Delaney – at We will design a program that is effective, sustainable, and long-term affordable and make it happen!


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