DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – OCTOBER 4   Leave a comment

Still working on whipping the respiratory symptoms from last week’s cold/flu, but feeling like I am getting back on track. Temperatures were cooler today and it was time to get out the old school sweat pants again. Here’s what I got done:

A. Outdoor Suspension Training
1a. Under-grip Row 4×8
1b. Rear Delt Fly 4×8
2a. Over-grip (or “Prone Grip”) Curl 4×8
2b. Triceps Extension 4×8
3a. Rhomboid Pull 4×8
3c. Bicep Curl 4×8
4a. Over-grip Row 4×8
4b. Crunches 4×30

B. 5K Run

C. Indoor Perfect Push-ups
1. Regular 11,8,5
2. Wide 11,8,5
3. Narrow 11,8,5
4. Regular 11,8,5

D. Indoor Pull-up Bar
1. Regular Pull-ups 1…MX…1 (pyramid)
2. Chin-ups 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
3. Narrow Grip 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
4. Commando 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
5. Dips 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)


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