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DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – OCTOBER 4   Leave a comment

Still working on whipping the respiratory symptoms from last week’s cold/flu, but feeling like I am getting back on track. Temperatures were cooler today and it was time to get out the old school sweat pants again. Here’s what I got done:

A. Outdoor Suspension Training
1a. Under-grip Row 4×8
1b. Rear Delt Fly 4×8
2a. Over-grip (or “Prone Grip”) Curl 4×8
2b. Triceps Extension 4×8
3a. Rhomboid Pull 4×8
3c. Bicep Curl 4×8
4a. Over-grip Row 4×8
4b. Crunches 4×30

B. 5K Run

C. Indoor Perfect Push-ups
1. Regular 11,8,5
2. Wide 11,8,5
3. Narrow 11,8,5
4. Regular 11,8,5

D. Indoor Pull-up Bar
1. Regular Pull-ups 1…MX…1 (pyramid)
2. Chin-ups 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
3. Narrow Grip 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
4. Commando 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)
5. Dips 1…MAX…1 (pyramid)


The Harvard Medical School published recommendations for the relief of joint pain. Joint pan can be caused by:

• osteoarthritis
• old injuries
• repetitive or overly forceful movements during sports or work
• posture problems
• aging
• inactivity
• excess bodyweight

I deal with chronic pain in my right ankle resulting from injuring it repeatedly playing rugby during my college years. I can testify that regular exercise definitely helps me manage the pain in that ankle.

Targeted exercise can not only relieve joint pain but possibly delay or even eliminate the necessity of surgery for joint pain relief. The Harvard Medical School also reports, “Beyond the benefits to your joints, becoming more active can help you stay independent long into your later years. Regular activity is good for your heart and sharpens the mind. It nudges blood pressure down and morale up, eases stress, and shaves off unwanted pounds. Perhaps most importantly, it lessens your risk of dying prematurely. All of this can be achieved at a comfortable pace and very low cost in money or time.”

A primary culprit is excess bodyweight. Excess bodyweight:

1. Increases risk for osteoarthritis
2. Puts additional stress on weight bearing joint
3. Activates inflammatrot factors that can spread the pain to ther joints

The targeted solution for eliminating excess bodyweight to relieve joint pan integrates targeted exercise with improvements in diet and nutrition.

To develop an affordable, effective and sustainable aster Plan to lose weight and relieve joint pain, contact me – Tom Delaney – at!

DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – OCTOBER 2   Leave a comment

The cold/flu I picked up last week kicked into full gear while I was out camping. I’m just coming out of the woods now (I guess literally) and working to get rid of the coughs and fatigue. It’s taking a little longer because I can’t get my secret instant cure anymore — the Chinese pork stew with noodles at Chin’s! Chin’s closed down a few months ago and I can tell you that this is a true misfortune. It was the absolute BEST om and pop Chinese restaurant, but it looks like none of teh kids stepped up to take over when retirement time rolled around. So…no more Chinese pork stew.

Anyway, I tried to get back on track with my program yesterday, and added in a couple additional calisthenics for my usual trail run. Looked like this:

3.1 Mile Brickyard Trail & Hill (0.9 mile, 300 ft ascent) Intervals
Modified MARSOC Assessment & Selection “Short Card”

1. Interval 1:
a. Regular Push-Ups 30
b. Squats 30
c. Reverse Push-ups 10
d. Cunches 30
e. Bench Jump (2.5 ft) 10
f. 8-Count Burpees 10

2. Interval 2:
a. Wide Push-ups 30
b. Mountain Climbers 30
c. Reverse Push-ups 10
d. Flutter Kicks 30
e. Bench Jumps (2.5 ft) 10
f. 8-Count Burpees 10

3. Interval 3:
a. Diamond Push-ups: 20
b. Star Jumpers 30
c. Reverse Push-ups 10
d. Back Extensions 30
e. Bench Jumps (2.5 ft) 10
f. 8-Count Burpees 10

4. Interval 4:
a. Regular Push-ups 30
b. Lunges 30 (30L + 30R)
c. Reverse Push-ups 10
d. Hello Dollies 30
e. Bench Jumps (2.5 ft) 10
f. 8-Count Burpees 10

5. FINISH: Pull-ups 3 x MAX