What is the optimal nutritive intake after a workout, and when exactly is the best time to get it into your system? I have been following the research that suggests there is a one-hour window after a workout, during which time my body is aggressively seeking simple proteins to repair and grow muscle tissue. Milk and whey protein are supposed to be good sources, which is why yesterday afternoon you may have seen me wandering the Barnes and Noble “Fitness” aisle drinking from an open gallon container of chocolate milk. Sure, a quart or smaller container would have been less obtrusive, but when I tell you that the gallon of low-fat milk was cheaper than the smaller containers of milk at Cub Foods, and when you know that when it comes to health and fitness I don’t care about appearances, you will understand where I was coming from. Subsequent to working out after work, my only goal was to get protein into my body ASAP, even if it meant looking a little socially maladjusted (again).

Anyway, Mike Roussell posted a good article for Live Strong that provides a very good brief summary of workout nutrition. Here are my highlights:

1. “The workout nutrition window begins 20 to 30 minutes before you exercise and lasts for one to two hours after the workout.”

2. Workout nutrition myths:
a. Don’t eat after you workout.
b. Post workout nutrition is all that matters.
c. Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient to get during and after you exercise.

3. Key steps for nutrition maximization:
a. Start sipping on your workout shake 20 minutes before exercise.
b. Continue to sip on your workout shake as you train.
c. Then finish off your workout shake when you complete your workout; and if muscle growth is your goal, have another one immediately.
d. Finally, workout nutrition “meals” should be liquid.

You can check out the full article HERE.



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  1. This is good information. Thanks!

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