Physical injury has a definite psychological impact for the training athlete. Cognitive and emotional reactions are much more easy to manage when you know what to expect from yourself. Sports psychologist Paul Russell wrote an excellent summary of the psychological impact of athletic injury in Fitpro Network:

1. Physical well-being
• Physical injury
• Pain of injury
• Physical rigors of treatment and rehabilitation
• Temporary physical restriction
• Permanent physical changes

2. Emotional well-being
• Psychological trauma when the injury occurs
• Feelings of loss and grief
• Threats to future performance
• Emotional demands of treatment and rehabilitation

3. Social well-being
• Loss of important social roles
• Separation from family, friends, and teammates
• New relationships with treatment providers
• Necessity of depending on others

4. Self-concept
• Loss of sense of control
• Dealing with altered self-image
• Threat to important life goals and values
• Necessity for decision-making under stressful circumstances

Russell also summarizes the cognitive consequences of injury as well as stages of rehabilitation. This is a very good review to familiarize yourself with BEFORE injury so that you can be immediately prepared for injury, should it happen. Check out the full review HERE.

If you want to evaluate the status and impact of athletic injury on your physical fitness and overall quality of life, as well as make a personalized plan for recovery, contact me – Tom Delaney – at greatriverfitness@gmail.com.

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