Everyone knows (or at least ought to know) that a sufficient intake of protein is a critical requirement for physical fitness. But after that, the questions start. How much? What kind? When? How much again? In a recent Active article, dietician Nancy Clark answers some of these key questions. Major points include:

1. “When building muscle, athletes need 0.4 grams of protein/pound. Endurance athletes need 0.55 grams/pound and strength athletes need 0.75 grams/pound. These protein recommendations assume the athlete is consuming adequate energy from carbohydrate and fat.”

2. “Current research suggests the trick to optimizing muscular development is to spread the protein intake evenly throughout the day.”

3. “The EAA leucine is a key trigger for building muscle, so leucine-rich foods with rapid digestive properties are best for recovery from resistance exercise. Animal proteins—including plain or chocolate milk, lean beef and tuna are leucine-rich. ”

4. “Because casein is slowly absorbed, consuming casein-rich foods before bedtime—such as cottage cheese—can help support muscle-building processes throughout the night.”

It is a very well-written, brief informative article, and you can check it out HERE.


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