DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 13   Leave a comment

Today is a Lower Body workout day in my current plan, which I will post up on a separate page soon. For the design, I went with suspension training followed by sprints and some cool-down calisthenics. Looked like this:

1. Suspension training (RIP:60), 3 circuits of “a” through “d”…
a. Jumping Squats:15
b. Jumping Lunges:15
c. Pistol Squats: 15 (15L + 15R)
d. Mountain Climbers: 15

2. Sprints
a. 20 yds x 6
b. 40 yds x 6
c. 60 yds x 6
d. 80 yds x 4
e. 100 yds x 2

3. Calisthenics
a. Crunches: 50
b. Dirt Dogs 30 (30L + 30R)
c. Flutter Kicks 30

4. Cool Down & Stretch

This whole workout took about one hour, and I did it all in the parking lot adjacent to my building. Besides my Rip:60 straps, the only piece of special equipment I used was a bright orange traffic cone to mark distances for my sprints. All of this is to say that YOU can do this workout over YOUR lunch too! Don’t have an hour, do what you can during your lunch break, and finish it off after work — JUST GET IT DONE!

At home I decided to develop a workout focusing on balance and center of mass, using a BOSU Balance Trainer. Working with the BOSU is a great way to not only work on balance and controlling your center of mass, but also intensely works the small sets balancing musculature in the legs, feet and especially the ankles. That should translate into better running performance for me, especially on the trail and even on obstacle courses. Here’s what I developed tonight:

1. Balance Series without Blindfold
a. Stationary Bounce: 20
b. Rotating Bounce: 10 Clockwise + 10 Counterclockwise
c. Squats: 20
d. Stationary Bounce with One Leg: 20 L + 20 R
e. Rotating Bounce with Left Leg: 10 Clockwise + 10 Counterclockwise
f. Rotating Bounce with Right Leg: 10 Clockwise + 10 Counterclockwise
g. Pistol Squats with Left Leg: 20
h. Pistol Squats with Right Leg: 20

2. Balance Series with Blindfold
a. Stationary Bounce:20
b. Rotating Bounce: 10 Clockwise + 10 Counterclockwise
c. Stationary Stand on Left Leg (“Crane Stance”): 30 seconds
d. Stationary Stand on Right leg (“Crane Stance”): 30 seconds

Eventually I would like to be able to replicate Series 1 with a blindfold on, but it is going to take some time for me to develop moving and rotating balance on one leg with a blindfold on. It’ll happen, I just need more practice. In the meantime I will approach it by practicing stationary stands, then bounces, and then moving to bounces with rotation. A natural progression.

The last piece of PT for the night is my favorite — lookin’ forward to a sold 7 to 8 hours of sleep tonight!


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