DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 10   Leave a comment

Today I had to design a P.T. session which focused on lower body and core and still allowed me to stay home to provide care for my son who is laid up with a broken elbow. I went with a design that substituted a BOSU routine for outdoor running and a living room weightlifting and ab session instead of my normal noontime outdoor suspension training session. Looked like this:

A. Rolling and jumping rope on a BOSU with “Matador’s Wheel” and two jumps (“circle left, circle right, jump, jump, circle right, circle left, jump, jump”): 30 minutes
To see the Matador’s wheel with jump, check out 6:07 in this video clip, and then imagine adding alternating sides and two jumps instead of one all on top of a BOSU:

1. Goblet Squats (50 lbs) 4×8 & BOSU Atomic Crunches 4×20 (alternating Goblet Squat sets with BOSU Atomic Crunch sets)
2. Overhead Dumbell Lunges (2×20 lbs) 4×8 & Swiss Ball Roman Chair Sit-ups 4×15 (alternate sets)
3. Calf Raises (50 lbs) 4×8 & Crunches 4×30 (alternate sets)

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