STEW SMITH’S (NAVY SEAL) W.O.D. – SEPTEMBER 6   Leave a comment

Stew Smith (Navy SEAL) conducts free workouts in Maryland with his team of persons training for military and first-responder physical fitness qualification. Here is what they got done over on the east coast today:

1/4 mile warm up
squats 20
1/2 squats 20
lunges 10/leg
butt kickers 30 seconds
leg swings 10/leg

Repeat 5 times
Pullups max reps
Bench Press BW 5-10
Dead Lift BW 5 reps
*BW = bodyweight

Repeat 12 times
1/4 mile run at goal pace for 1.5 mile timed runs – rest with 25 abs of choice, 20 reps of squats or lunges, or pushups 20 reps or burpees – 10 reps

Swim or bike 30 minutes: – Every 5 minutes stop and do: max pushups, flutterkicks 1 min each…


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