DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 5   Leave a comment

OK, today is a lower body PT day. For today’s design I combined RIP-60 suspension training with lower body PT from Navy SEAL Fitness by Stew Smith (Navy SEAL).

A. Morning run: 3.2 miles, 26:03

B. RIP-60 Suspension Training
3 Circuits…
1. Jumping squats: 15
2. Jumping Lunges: 15 (15L + 15R)
3. Pistol squats: 15 (15L + 15R)

C. Frog Hops: 2×8

D. Sprints
1. 20 yds x 6
2. 40 yds x 6
3. 60 yds x 4
4. 100 yds x 2

E. Dirty dogs: 30 (30L + 30R)

F. Stretching

This was a good workout that has the potential for increasing the number of circuit repitions and the number of sprint repetitions in the future. This is a solid design that can be scaled up through the fall and maybe even early winter.


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