DELANEY’S DAILY P.T. – SEPTEMBER 4   Leave a comment

I am finalizing my fall workout program and have allotted Tuesdays for a focus on upper body and some core workout. After allotting the day, the next thing I like to do is inventory all of the exercises I can integrate for that day with that muscle group focus, sort of doing a broad survey of what my options are. This allows me to:

1. Catalog my exercise options as a list.
2. See baseline levels for each of the cataloged exercises.
3. Begin to see ways of linking the cataloged exercises into circuits for future workouts.
4. Have fun just doing a wide variety of exercises and really mixing it up.

So yesterday, I got out my BOSU, my Perfect Push-ups, and my pull-up bar. I keep a bench, heavy bag, speed bag and ab straps set up in my basement at all times. Using this gear, I made the following happen:

1. Perfect push-ups – regular: 12,12,6
2. Under-grip curls – 50 lbs: 4×8
3. Pull-ups: 2,4,2
4. BOSU atomic crunches to flutter kicks: 30

5. Perfect push-ups – wide: 12,12,6
6. Over-grip curls – 40 lbs
7. Chin-ups: 2,4,2
8. Rotating planks on inverted BOSU: 5×30″ (C,L,C,R,C)

9. Perfect push-ups – narrow: 6,6,3
10. Triceps Press on BOSU – 40 lbs: 4,4,4
11. Pull-ups – narrow grip: 1,2,3,2,1
12. Rotating V-ups on BOSU: 5×4 (C,L,C,R,C)

13a. Dips: 3,3,3 (alternated sets with upright rows 13b)
13b. Upright rows – 50 lbs: 7,4,4
14. Commando pull-ups: 2,2,2
14. Swiss ball Roman chair sit-ups: 12

15a. Heavy bag punching – 3 minute rounds: 2 (made a circuit with 15b, 15c and 15d)
15b. Speed bag punching – 3 minutes: 2
15c. Bench press – 125 lbs: 2×4
15d. Ab straps side-to-sides and knee-ups: 2×5

16. Stretch

This workout session was a lot of fun, especially working with the heavy bag alternating with the speed bag.


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