STEW SMITH’S (NAVY SEAL) W.O.D. – SEPTEMBER 3   Leave a comment

Here’s what Stew Smith (Navy SEAL) got done today out east in Maryland with his group training to apply for spec ops training, etc.

A. Do in as few sets as possible:

*100 pullups
200 pushups
300 situps
–> alternate max reps sets of each exercise – keeping track each cycle of total reps – stop when you reach all the goal numbers – no rest other than sips of water / stretch
*use pulldowns or bench press when you fail at pullups / pushups..or crunches / plank if you fail at situps…

B. Repeat 6 times
1/4 mile at goal 1.5 mile pace
– in between 1/4s do one of the following:
-100yd bear crawl
– 100yd lunges
– 100yd burpee jumps
– 50yd fireman carry
100yd farmer walk with 40# in one hand
– 100yd crab walk

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