“Recovery interval” is the amount of time you spend in a rest state between intervals of running, especially sprints. The duration of a recovery interval can significantly impact aerobic and other parameters of your running workout. Not a hazard or nuisance, recovery intervals are in fact a handy tool for shaping your workout to fit your performance goals. Recently Runner’s World journalist Cindy Kuzma wrote a very good summary of the effects of recovery intervals of different durations. I run sprint intervals both to build speed as well as to develop running endurance. If you are working with the Navy Special Warfare Physical Training Guide, Stew Smith’s Navy SEAL Fitness, or other special operations prep PT program, you are going to be running intervals too. They are a highly valuable component of a comprehensive training program, and if you don’t have them happening yet you should definitely consider them! If you want more info, contact me – Tom Delaney – at You can read Kuzma’s full article HERE.


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