Here’s a new educational vid from Scooby, a genuine good guy. I like Scooby’s sincere no-ego personality and “yeah” he really is an energized and motivated guy when it comes to physical fitness. The “goblet squat” is a great exercise that I learned from MGySgt Paul Roarke’s (USMC Ret) “Corps Fitness” – the program that helped me dump 35 lbs, get into obstacle course racing, and never look back. This one will get you into rock solid fightin’ shape! Squats with no weight, or “air squats,” is the place to start, and we do a set of 30 when we complete the MARSOC A & S “Short Card” workout . Goblet squats are a way to throw some weight in the mix to do sets and fewer reps so as to build explosive power. I use a dumbbell, but you could also use a kettlebell, an ammo box, a cinder block or whatever you have that’s the right weight and you can cradle on your chest and under your chin. Explosive power is not only valuable for the lifting movement you see completed in the squat, but also for situations that require sprinting. Learn from this vid, and put it in your program. Let me know how it works for you! – Tom


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  1. P.S. If you are having significant knee problems, ask me about using suspension training and squats, especially pistol squats. Using the straps enables you to control the amount and rate of pressure on your knees. Works good! – Tom

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