Any tactical or military fitness course is going to require you to perform plenty of push-ups. The Perfect Push-Up is a tool that will help anyone get the most out of their push-up regimen. I have owned and used both the basic as well as the portable set. I keep one at home and keep the other one with me when I go to work or wherever I go. The Perfect Push-Up was developed by Navy SEAL Alden Mills, who himself has an incredible life story. Anyway, this product is simply effective. You’ll get mre of a workout during your push-ups, and your stats will improve. On eof the most imprtant things I loike about this prooduct, is that it is affordable. I dropped about $22 to get the portable set (my favorite). In addition, this is a durable product. I have put both sets through heavy use, and they are as strong and as intact as they day I bought them. Personally, this is essential gear for me from now on. The portability, effectiveness and durability can’t be beat! You can check out more info on the Perfect Push-ups at the Perfect Fitness website HERE.

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