TEAMS ARE BUILT WITH LOGS!   Leave a comment

When people see photos of teams training with logs, often their first thought is “Oh my, that must be heavy!” — and they stop there. Yes, if it was up to any one individual to lift a log, it would be impossible torture. The inside point of log training is the principle of team effort and the ability of a coordinated team to achieve things that the individuals cannot achieve behaving as individuals. Once a group of individuals figures out how to move and act as a solid team, the game totally changes. That log can be lifted, carried, anything. At MCRD – San Diego, Sgt. Allen A. Ypina, Drill Instructor, Platoon 1002, Co. A. describes: “The log drills teach them coordination and it allows them to work together. Right now, they’re in the mindset of only taking care of themselves, and this will kind of teach them to look out for everyone else.” Then, “At first everyone started bickering at each other,” said Recruit Jared Jansen, Plt. 1001, Co. A, “it was difficult for everyone to listen to each other, but then we started to get the hang of it and the motivation picked up as soon as they realized that was the only way to get through it.” Log training is an invaluable way of training individuals to coordinate and gel as a team. That’s why you’ll see it happening at the MCRD’s, at BUD/S, and other schools and programs. You can read the full article on MCRD – San Diego log training HERE.


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