Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been posting my daily workouts, and I want to get back into it so that people can see what I do to train and ask questions. The situational context for me is that I am a regular guy with a family who holds down a desk job during the day. I don’t work in a fitness center, I don’t get paid to workout or train others, and I don’t sell fitness products. So I shoot for my workouts to be maximally effective AND efficient, meaning my time is limited, so what I have to do has to be effective, affordable (I don’t have a fat bank account) and sustainable as a program. I also like portability in my workouts, meaning I design workouts for myself that I could potentially perform in any number of other locations or times without hassle.

OK, so enough of my situation, here’s what I did:

A. Rip 60 Suspension Training (45 minutes, over lunch)
1. Warm-up Run
2. Jumping Lunges 30
3. Triceps Extension & Fly 30
4. Push-ups with Rotation 30
5. Plank, Crunch & Pike 30
6. Jumping Squats 30
7. Prone Grip & Rear Delt Fly 30
8. Lat Pull with Rotation 30
9. Plank, Crunch & Pike 30
10. Pistol Squats 30
11. Push-up & Reach 30
12. Reach (swimmer’s crawl) with Rotation 30
13. Plank, Crunch & Pike 30
14. Cool Down Run

B. Ruck Run with 30 lb Weighted Vest, 3.2 miles (33 minutes, after dinner)
C. Mindfulness Practice (i.e. relaxed breathing, relaxed muscle tone, maximum environmental awareness)


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