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Training for life requires integration of the mind and body in response to a variety of presenting opposing conditions, whether they be a stationary physical obstacle, an assailant, or a situational problem. If your training program doesn’t do this, then you’re not really training for life and work challenges. When was the last time you got in a fight with a Nordic Track? Who won? But seriously …

Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego recently conducted a Combat Conditioning Exercise designed to put recruits through a variety of challenging stations at 90 second intervals. Staff Sgt. Jason Lansdon, martial arts instructor trainer, Instructional Training Company, Support Battalion described the purpose of the CCX: “We want them to be able to react to situations presented to them and be able to fight through.” The stations included Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) drills with calisthenics during 90 second transitions. “We want to teach them that they can quickly and confidently react in a stressful environment, no matter how exhausted they are,” said Lansdon. “The entire course is a challenge,” said Recruit Brandon Cruz, Platoon 2161, Co. H. “It really pushes our endurance levels and our minds to not give up.”

You can design your own CCX with training partners, or even a solo CCX integrating martial arts drills on a heavy bag with calisthenics. It’s definitely more fun and challenging if you can get a group going on. You can get some ideas and read the full article HERE.

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