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Army Ranger Assessment & Selection   Leave a comment

The 75th Ranger Regiment shared this footage of Ranger A & S today. Check out this workout: “Candidates in the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 2 (all officers and Staff Sergeants and above) conduct the Ranger Physical Assessment Test (RPAT). The entire RPAT is taken in ACU’s, boots, MICH Helmet, and full kit. It starts with a 2-mile run. Upon immediate completion of the run, Rangers climb a 20-foot fast rope, drag a 185 lb SKEDCO litter 100 yards, climb a 20-foot caving ladder, sprint 200 yards, and scale an 8-foot wall in succession. Rangers then immediately conduct a 1-mile run.” Here’s what it looks like!

Air Force Pararescue Jumper Training: Being Calm, Being Caring   1 comment

I suggest muting the sound when you watch this video. It is a study in the human capability to remain both calm and caring under extreme stress. Watch these swim buddies struggle and adapt to make sure each other get the air they need to survive during the exercise.

Jack LaLanne on Worry   Leave a comment

Here is some classic wisdom from Jack LaLanne for today. This information will save your life.

Scott Sonnon’s TACFIT Fighter Hybrid Circuit   Leave a comment

Scott Sonnon recently publicized this example of a TACFIT workout circuit he calls “Fighter Hybrid 1B”. This is an awesome circuit that demonstrates how strength and movement training can be combined within a workout. I appreciate that Scott demonstrates what can be accomplished in a limited space with equipment that is either readily accessible to most people, or can be adapted. It’s “the people’s workout!” 😉 Have a good weekend!