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BOSU Balance Training for Wing Chun Martial Arts   Leave a comment

Here is a good example of utilizing the BOSU Balance Trainer for Wing Chun martial arts practice, in this case working with “centre line.” If you know me, you know I’m a BOSU BT endorser all the way. Check out instructor Alan Orr’s video clip. If you’re up for trying it out with me, definitely let’s do it! – Tom

Yoga & Mindfulness Improve Mental Functioning   2 comments

One set of possibilities I am most interested in exploring is the mechanism by which bodily movement can produce improvements in mental functioning. For example, consider the benefits associated with sustained Taijiquan practice. In this vein, Alice G. Walton of Forbes magazine authored a very good two-part series examining how Yoga practice is associated with physical and mental health benefits. The articles feature interviews with Stephen Cope, director of the Institute for Extraordinary Living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Cope explains “Yoga provides attentional training and self-regulation. In practicing yoga, we’re training our awareness to attend to the flow of thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body – and to be with these different states without self-judgement or reactivity.” Walton goes on to explain mindfulness training and cites recent advances in studying how mindfulness practice changes brain structure. It is an excellent series of articles, and you can read them HERE.

Navy SEAL Principle of Simplicity   Leave a comment

SEALFIT Founder and Navy SEAL Mark Divine recently authored a reflective piece on the importance of simplicity for the warrior spirit and training. He describes, “Simplicity is a powerful principle that allows us to channel our energy like a laser beam and avoid getting stuck in the rut of rigid thinking and acting,” and points out that:

1. A simple plan with a flexible blueprint will survive real world contact far better than a complex and rule-bound plan.

2. A simple one line email will be read and understood better than a one page tome.

3. A simple product that is easy to use and understand (think Apple Ipod) will outperform a complex product, even if it is a breakthrough technology (think Apple’s Newton).

4. A relationship built on the simple element of trust will likely outlast any built on fancy words, offers of wonder and profit.

5. A physical training plan based on a simple set of tools and concepts, performed consistently, will outperform a workout routine based on complicated machines or protocols.

Divine adds, “Simplicity applies to every domain and begins with developing awareness of what is really necessary and important – whether in a mission plan, a business product or in your life.” You can read the original article HERE.


The U.S. Army Special Forces Command recently released some photos of Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) that give a snapshot of the physical and mental demands of the SFAS process. As you page through these photos, you’ll see candidates rucking weighty packs while carrying ammunition boxes, as well as moving lashed together pieces of heavy equipment. Where did those lashings come from? That’s right, someone needs to know how to tie a knot, under stress, that will hold that equipment together. There’s also land navigation and the obstacle course to get done as well. A great set of photos, and thanks to Special Forces Command for releasing them. You can review them all HERE.

“What’s your Friday Happy Hour gonna look like?”   Leave a comment

Today here’s a motivational video of new graduates Kilo Company on their Moto Run at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego! What’s your Friday Happy Hour going to look like?

60-Year Old Man Gettin’ It Done!   1 comment

Check out this video of Herbie, a 60-year old man in top physical condition. Where does he work out? Someplace where clean white towels are always an arm’s length away? NOPE! Herbie pounds it out in an urban playground, with a regimen of push-ups, pull-ups and dips. I like this clip because it challenges presumptions about what you need to get in good physical condition. Club membership? NOPE! Exercise equipment? NOPE! Suburban affluence and ease? NOPE! Motivated attitude on a daily basis? YEP! I salute you Herbie, the world is a better place because of your attitude and example!