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Scott Sonnon recently authored a succinct meditation exercise that can be used as a warm-up for physical training. You can read the original text HERE. I am reproducing it below:

Meditation does not need to be complicated, and has concrete, scientific explanations when approaching it from the perspective of proprioception, in particular mechanoreception (the three senses of kinesthesia/movement, skeletal/position and force/tension). To reconnect your awareness to what’s actually occurring within your body, perform this short meditation before you warmup for your workout. And then make your warmup specific to the tension you detect.

1. Stand comfortably in a relaxed position with arms held at your sides.

2. Beginning at the top of your head, move your awareness down the front of your body as though your mind were making a mold of the front of your body. Continue down to your feet, creating your “mold” and checking for areas that feel particularly tight.

3. Repeat this process down the back of your body, then down the left side, then down the right side.

4. Beginning at the top of your head, feel down the inside of your body from head to toe, again searching for areas of tension or pain. These are the areas that you will focus on in the flows that follow.

5. The last step is to focus your awareness on the totality of the “mold” that you’ve created. You will now use a breathing method to help enhance your proprioceptive awareness of your surroundings. This breathing method is only used during this stage and should NOT be continued into the actual warmup and workout. When performing any exercise, adhere to the guidelines of exhaling through the effort phase of any movement.

6. Breathe in. As you do so, feel like you are sucking the mold into the core of your body. As you exhale, expand the mold out 360 degrees around your body a few inches past your skin. This actually represents the “reach” that your proprioception projects as a result of a combination of sensory awareness (thermoreceptors, chemoreceptors and electromagnetic receptors; as well as the impact of wind, barometric pressure and other external impact upon mechanoreceptors.)

7. Inhale again, sucking in, and exhale further out than last time. Each time that you exhale attempt to reach out further from your body. Use this “extending of the mold” to feel out into your surroundings in as tactile a manner as possible.

8. Initiate your warmup with this new state of inner/outer-enhanced awareness, and adopt specific warmup drills to release the tense areas you detected throughout your meditative diagnostic.

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