Mikko “Doc” Paunonen’s Functional Workout   4 comments

Here is an interesting video demonstration of “functional training” from Mikko Paunonen in Finland. Mikko demonstrates some pretty impressive skills integrating kettlebells, a Swiss Ball (or “Fitball”) and BOSU Balance Trainer. As Mikko declares, “If you woke up one morning and think that training with bosu or fitball are boring, here’s some ideas to work with fellas.” That all said, the demonstrations of balance with awkward manipulation of weight require extensive gradual training to build maximal strength and skills. I am sharing them because they are impressive feats of skill, but I do not recommend them for anyone. They are extremely risky and there are better and safer ways to build the involved strength and skill. If you injure yourself training, then your training is over, and you lose! Be a winner, not a loser!

4 responses to “Mikko “Doc” Paunonen’s Functional Workout

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  1. Hi Tom!
    Thanks for sharing this “crazy” clip of mine here and putting your thoughts in it. You are absolutely right about levels of risks there, if anyone who has not been training balance, core control, free weights and so on quite long time. This videoclip, sure enough, was made to “wake up” people to see training on different light and what that could be even in most extreme ways (as letters OD tells). But there are way more different ways to train abilities and skills and I’m planning to publish several new clips of that soon. And I promise, those will be safer too. 🙂
    And Tom, if you have any thoughts and wishes of clips, I’ll gladly hear those for you!

    Happy new Year!

    • Wow, hey Mikko Paunonen! THANK YOU for stopping by! It is always very cool to meet guys like you as “real” people! Yes, the video clip does a good job of getting thinking outside of the box! Keep the clips coming Mikko! Best wishes to you and yours in the new year as well! Hyvää Uuttavuotta!! – Tom

  2. Very nice article, exactly what I needed.

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