Navy SEAL Mark Divine on Creating Space in Mind   Leave a comment

Navy SEAL MArk Divine sent me a compelling reflection in an e-mail, and I’d like to share it with everyone. You can read it below or the original version at Mark’s blog HERE:

This morning, in our Warrior Yoga training, we had a discussion about creating space in your mind. What does that mean?

Oh how I would love to rewind the clock and have a “do-over” of a few significant events in my life where things did not go well. The primary reason the thing, whatever it was, did not go well, was because I did not create space in my mind. I leaped from stimulus to response. I drew an immediate, and wrong, conclusion. I suffered from confirmation bias, was torpedoed by a subconscious belief, or allowed my emotional body to do the talking. The result was a personal disaster. My guess is I am not alone with this syndrome.

Creating space in the mind would allow a few moments to step back mentally from the stimulus to filter, analyze, feel and synthesize an appropriate response. As I consider the situations I would “do-over,” that response would often be silence, or no-action.

How do we begin to create space in our minds? How about a “3 breaths rule?” In any situation where you are feeling stressed, emotional or uncertain, pause and take 3 deep breaths before you respond or react. You may find that the space that 3 breath moment creates effects you for an eternity.

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