Yoga & Mindfulness Improve Mental Functioning   2 comments

One set of possibilities I am most interested in exploring is the mechanism by which bodily movement can produce improvements in mental functioning. For example, consider the benefits associated with sustained Taijiquan practice. In this vein, Alice G. Walton of Forbes magazine authored a very good two-part series examining how Yoga practice is associated with physical and mental health benefits. The articles feature interviews with Stephen Cope, director of the Institute for Extraordinary Living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Cope explains “Yoga provides attentional training and self-regulation. In practicing yoga, we’re training our awareness to attend to the flow of thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body – and to be with these different states without self-judgement or reactivity.” Walton goes on to explain mindfulness training and cites recent advances in studying how mindfulness practice changes brain structure. It is an excellent series of articles, and you can read them HERE.

2 responses to “Yoga & Mindfulness Improve Mental Functioning

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  1. For the better part of the last year I have been on a similar journey in regards to your post. You have provided some very useful information that I hope others will read and take into consideration.

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