Navy SEAL Principle of Simplicity   Leave a comment

SEALFIT Founder and Navy SEAL Mark Divine recently authored a reflective piece on the importance of simplicity for the warrior spirit and training. He describes, “Simplicity is a powerful principle that allows us to channel our energy like a laser beam and avoid getting stuck in the rut of rigid thinking and acting,” and points out that:

1. A simple plan with a flexible blueprint will survive real world contact far better than a complex and rule-bound plan.

2. A simple one line email will be read and understood better than a one page tome.

3. A simple product that is easy to use and understand (think Apple Ipod) will outperform a complex product, even if it is a breakthrough technology (think Apple’s Newton).

4. A relationship built on the simple element of trust will likely outlast any built on fancy words, offers of wonder and profit.

5. A physical training plan based on a simple set of tools and concepts, performed consistently, will outperform a workout routine based on complicated machines or protocols.

Divine adds, “Simplicity applies to every domain and begins with developing awareness of what is really necessary and important – whether in a mission plan, a business product or in your life.” You can read the original article HERE.


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