60-Year Old Man Gettin’ It Done!   1 comment

Check out this video of Herbie, a 60-year old man in top physical condition. Where does he work out? Someplace where clean white towels are always an arm’s length away? NOPE! Herbie pounds it out in an urban playground, with a regimen of push-ups, pull-ups and dips. I like this clip because it challenges presumptions about what you need to get in good physical condition. Club membership? NOPE! Exercise equipment? NOPE! Suburban affluence and ease? NOPE! Motivated attitude on a daily basis? YEP! I salute you Herbie, the world is a better place because of your attitude and example!


One response to “60-Year Old Man Gettin’ It Done!

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  1. Inspiring to say the least! Simple and effective movements…Nice post, thanks!

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