Seven Tips for Training from Shaolin Kung Fu   1 comment

When you think Shaolin Kung Fu, it might bring to mind all the images of exotic and gruelling training that you have seen in import films starring the likes of Jackie Chan, or maybe you remember the old Kung Fu TV series starring David Carradine. In fact, the Shaolin monastery in China is a real place, that continues to operate and host perhaps the toughest and most disciplined martial arts training to be found in the world. Training at Shaolin has always demended and continues to demand uncompromising commitment. The reward of commitment, discipline and hard training is formidable physical and mental strength and stamina. Shaolin Kung Fu Master Yan Lei points to seven motivational training tips that can be applied not only to Shaolin Kung Fu training, but to various forms of physical and mental training. Here’s the short version:

1. Give yourself no choice — get started every day!
2. Set goals and have faith you can achieve them!
3. No matter how hard, give it at least the first 10 minutes!
4. Constantly think of the rewards of your training!
5. Make training a habit!
6. Take one small step, and take it well!
7. Be here now — mindfulness!

You can read the full version of Yan Lei’s tips HERE.


One response to “Seven Tips for Training from Shaolin Kung Fu

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  1. Meditation can lead to many amazingly humbling experiences. It has so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits, it would be stupid to not practice it. Strange how many of us don’t.

    Nice post! 🙂

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