Keith Davids is a Navy SEAL who initiated training for his first Iron Man triathlon in 2009. In this video, Commander Davids describes 7 principles for training and success:

1. Oftentimes our greatest limiter is our own imagination.

2. “The body can achieve what the mind can perceive,” – until you test it, it’s just a saying.

3. Sweet Spot = Most Speed / Least Cost

4. Anything is possible with perseverance — the most important element of success.

5. Insurmountable Event to Component Parts to Success Strategy

6. Being able to control your mind and focus on the goal is absolutely essential.

7. Each time you push yourself beyond what you think is possible you learn “Maybe my limit is not where I thought it was … maybe I can do considerably more.”

This is a well-produced and inspiring video with good educational content for anyone engaged in athletic training, and highlights how ayone can achieve their goals. Check it out!

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