Navy SEAL David Rutherford: The Keys to Self-Confidence   Leave a comment

If there’s one characteristic that people usually marvel at when it comes to Navy SEALs, it’s the extraordinary self-confidence these “quiet professionals” demonstrate in all situations, whether emerging from a submarine deep beneath the ocean’s surface, jumping from a plane at high altitude, or traveling just above the treetops at the end of a rope attached to a speeding assault helicopter. This same brand of self-confidence is valuable for a person in any walk of life. Imagine bringing that self-confidence with you through the door when you go to work, head into the gymn or hit the trail to get into good physical shape, come home to your family, meet-up with friends, or any life situation! I am very excited to share with you the wisdom of Navy SEAL David Rutherford on this topic. In this short video clip, David Rutherford shares 8 keys to self-confidence:

1. Positive Attitude
2. PT & Health
3. Motivate Self & Others
4. Earn Respect
5. Goal Setting
6. Integrity & Righteous Living
7. Mentorship for Self & Others
8. Have Fun


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