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There is a mind-body connection. For example, you can purposefully use your mind to slow and deepen your respiration, which in turn causes a chain of relaxation effects in the human body. Want to relax? Just flick the switch! The mind, and its physical platform the brain, are incredible storehouses and floodgates of human performance. Listen to Race Across America endurance bicyclists, graduates of the Navy BUD/S program (SEAL training), ultramarathon runners, and just about anyone who not only endures adverse conditions but in some cases even thrives on it, and they will consistently explain that their success is mostly attributable to mental strategies. In my experience, the list consistently comes down to: goal setting; visualization; positive self-talk; arousal control with breathing; and team support.

Dr. Alan Goldberg recently authored an article identifying the mental strategies of olympic swimmers. The list looks like this:

1. Get support
2. Get a goal
3. Get the picture
4. Get a handle on pain
5. Get positive
6. Have faith in yourself
7. Have fun
8. Get a life
9. Get technique
10. Get real

These mental strategies work for high performance in olympic swimming, but by no means are restricted to olympic swimming. They will go to work for you anytime, anywhere … so use them and count yourself in with the world’s top athletes! You can read the full article HERE.

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  1. If more people could take and make the time to utilize the depths and parameters of their minds, apply these principles, and work towards fitness goals, we would change our country from the inside out. Elite would define our existence!

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