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“Mindfulness” refers to a relaxed state of profound awareness of both one’s inner states (physical, emotional, thoughts) and of one’s environment. Although the concept of mindfulness is often linked to ancient Asian philosophical traditions, there are also traditions of mindfulness in the “Western” world’s contemplative traditions. In recent years, the benefits of mindfulness methods have been the subject of much scientific research. Personally, I have experienced the benefits of studying both Zen and Tibetan traditions of mindfulness, especially as a component of my overall personal fitness program. After receiving instructional endorsement from Tibetan mindfulness master Bardor Tulku Rinpoche some years ago, I have also had the fortunate opportunity to pass on instruction to others.

A while back I reviewed the application of meditation by the US Army as detailed in an article that you can read HERE. More recently, the Marine Corps has also been studying the beneficial effects of mindfulness training. You can read an article detailing the study and the beneficial effects they observed HERE.


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