Delaney’s Workout: 20 January 2011   Leave a comment

My job has been more and more demanding each day this week, and the weather has not been helping with record snowfall and below zero temperatures. Today I was looking for a fast indoor workout to burn some calories, and decided to try out a couple of the Men’s Health 15-Minute Workouts, adding a few elements of my own:

1. Dumbbell Deadlift: 30 lbs x 2, 3×8
2. Dumbbell Push Press: 15 lbs x 2, 3×8
3. Jump Rope: 20 mins
4. Sword Squat: 15 lbs, 3×8
5. Broad Jump: 12 max distance
6. Swiss Ball Push-up: 5 (Swiss Ball! Wow!)
7. Raised Legs Cruches: 40
8. Swiss Ball Crunches: 20 (Wow again!)
9. Planks: Center, Left & Right
10. Windshield Washers: 20

Cool Down:
Kwang Gae Taekwondo Routine
20 Minutes Seated Mindfulness Exercise

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