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Running obstacle courses is my favorite category of trail racing. I am looking forward to running the Twin Cities Mud Run next year, and the Bootcamp Challenge again at Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego! Finding a way to prepare for obstacle course racing requires a little creativity. Captain Woodcock (USMC) is a friend of mine and suggested I ruck around the neighborhood carrying a sledgehammer! Well, I didn’t think that would get me a positive encounter with the local law enforcement. However, Stew Smith (US Navy SEAL) developed a good preparatory workout with the Naval Academy Spec Ops Team to simulate an obstacle course for those without access to one. He figured there was a 20-30 yard run in between obstacles. Most obstacles had either a pulling exercise or a pushing exercise or a combo of both. He added an 8 count bodybuilder to the exercise and a pullup and set the workout to a pyramid cycle. I do a version of this workout on Monday and Thursday mornings at Harriet Island Regional Park, after skiing 3-5 miles, using the parking lot and the nearby playground equipment to combine the Marine Corps Special Operations Command “Short Card” (a great balanced workout) with supplementary pull-ups, dips, and cable leg-ups. Read the Stew Smith workout HERE.

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