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Everyone makes choices. The ability to choose, the capacity of free will, is a fundamental aspect of our human existence. Life can reasonably be seen as a series of choices, and our choices make our lives into whatever they become. Understanding this, one can realize that he or she is capable of achieving great things, just by making the right choices, day to day, moment to moment, that lead to that accomplishment. It can seem complicated sometimes, but I apply a helpful rule to myself: “One thing at a time, first things first.” This rule helps me settle down my choice to the present moment, the one thing I can do, and to focus on identifying what is the most important thing I should be doing with that moment. As the SEAL Instructor in the video below reiterates, “All it comes down to, is making a choice…that’s all it comes down to.” – Tom Delaney


Posted November 13, 2010 by Tom Delaney in Navy, SEALs, Uncategorized

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