MGySgt Roarke’s (USMC) Workout of the Day – November 7   Leave a comment

Here’s Master Gunnery Sargeant Paul Roarke’s (USMC, Ret.) personal WOD as posted at his blog:

1. Warm-up
2. Pull-ups on cable 5,5,5 with incline pushups 25,25,25
3. Cable crawl (50ft) X2 with crunches on each end 50,50
4. Dummy Drag 40 yards X2 with regular pushups at each end 25, 25 (Rescue Randy needs to go on a diet. LOL)
5. Log flip 40 yards X2 with flutter kicks at each end 50,50
6. Log squats 5,5,5 with regular pushups 25, 25, 25
7. Barrel Lift 5,5,5 with leg raises 50,50,50
8. Ammo can lift (50 lb ammo can, pulled up over a bar 25ft up with a rope) X3 with wide pushups 25,25,25
9. Wheel Barrel race (10 sandbags, Not sure but I would say this has to be at least 350lbs)
10. 40 yards X5 (this really gets your breath up)
11. Cool Down, stretch

Read the full blog and see photos HERE.


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