Stew Smith’s (Navy SEAL) Workout of the Day – November 2   Leave a comment

Here’s Stew Smith’s (US Navy, SEAL) personal workout routine for today and tomorrow:

Tuesday, November 2
1. Warm-up Run: 5b minutes
2. Stretch
3. Max Pull-ups & Max Push-ups
4. Max Pull-ups & Max Sit-ups
5. Max Pull-ups & Run 400 meters
–> Repeat 3 through 5 until you reach 100 total pull-ups.

6. Swim/PT: 30 minutes
–>Swim 250 meters and at itervals alternate pull-ups, push-ups, dips, atomic push-ups, and abs exercises on pool deck.

Wednesday, November 3
1. Bike 10:00 -or- Run 5:00
2. Stretch
3. Run 2 miles (timed)
4. Stretch
5. Run 2 miles (easy) with 20 squats and 20 lunges every 4 minutes
6. Swim 200 mteres hypoxic & 100 meters combat swimmer’s sidestroke
—> Repeat #6 five times for a total of 1,500 meters

If you have questions about the routine or any of the listed exercises, contact HT Fitness – St. Paul trainer Tom Delaney, at Train hard!


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