MGySgt Roarke’s (USMC) Workout of the Day – November 1   Leave a comment

Here’s Master Gunnery Sargeant Paul Roarke’s (USMC, Ret) personal WOD for yesterday, as posted up today:

“Today I did a 2 hour hump with 40 lb Alice pack, easy first day. I went down the beach and up every hill I could find. I will have to find more hills (bigger, steeper) as time goes on. I’m already doing a lot of stair climbing but it won’t be enough. Pretty flat here in PCola. Starting next week I will carrying two ammo cans. My plan is to fill them with a little sand to make them about 15 lbs each to start out with. Then every week add a cup of sand to each. In about 6 mos that will bring each can up to about 30 lbs each. So by then I will humping a 40 lb pack while carrying 2-30 lb cans. a 100 lbs of extra weight. My end goal is to do 20 miles with that load in less than 7 hours. When I get there, along with the other training I’m doing I will be ready for the race.”

Read his full blog HERE.


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