Stew Smith’s (Navy SEAL) Workout of the Day – October 30   Leave a comment

Here’s Stew Smith’s (US Navy, SEAL) personal workout routine for today and tomorrow:

Saturday, October 30
1. Warm-up Jog: 5 minutes
2. Warm-up & Dynamic Stretching: 5 minutes
3. Run: 1 mile
4. Circuit Train: Each set…
4a. 8-Count Body Builder Push-ups: 1
4b. Pull-ups: 1 x Set # (e.g. 1 the first set, 2 the 2nd, until fail and then decrease number per set by 1 for each set)
4c. Run 40 meters or Jump Rope 20 seconds
5. Crunches: 40
6. Reverse Crunches: 40
7. Double Crunches: 40
8. Sit-ups: Maximum in 1 minute
9. Run: 3 miles at Long Slow Distance (LSD) pace

Sunday, October 31
1. Warm-up Run: 5:00
2. Stretch
3. Run: 1.5 miles (timed)
4. Stretch
5. Run: 1.5 miles (easy)
Repeat 1-5 10 times
6. Swim: 100 meters hypoxic (crawl)
7. Swim: 50 meters Combat Swimmer’s Sidestroke (see Training Resources page of this web site)

If you have questions about the routine or any of the listed exercises, contact HT Fitness – St. Paul trainer Tom Delaney, at Train hard!


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