MGySgt Paul Roarke’s (USMC, Ret.) Workout   Leave a comment

Master Gunnery Sargeant Paul Roarke (USMC, Ret.) is training to run in the 2011 Death Race in Vermont. He recently published his training plan on his Corps Strength website. You can read the full plan by clicking HERE. The basic workout plan:

1. 5 minutes on Life Cycle bike to loosen up.
2. Lat pulldown machine with rope 2X100X10 & Incline Push-ups 2X25
3. Bench press 2X155X10 & Crunches 2X50
4. Leg Press 2X170X15 & Push-ups 2X25
5. Seated Cable Row 2X120X10 & Leg Raises 2X50
6. Standing Dumbbell Presses 2X50X10 & Free Squats 2X25
7. Fly machine 2X170X10 & Elevated Crunches 2X50
8. Hamstring curls 2X60X10 & Wide Push-ups 2X25
9. Triceps Press (one dumbbell) 2X60X10 & Leg Raises 2X50
10. Dumbbell Laterals (front, side, back) 3X25X10 & Side Crunches 2X50 (each side)
11. Ab Machine 2X100X50 with Push-ups 2X25
12. Neck Machine 2X85X20
13. Dumbbell Curls 2X40X10 with reaching crunches 2X50
14. Standard cool down/stretch 10 minutes


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