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HT Fitness St. Paul – Monday Morning PT   Leave a comment

Start your week off right! Tomorrow morning I will be down at Harriet Island Regional Park by North Harbor (west side of the park) at 6 AM for PT. The plan:

A. Dynamic Stretching & Warm-Up
B. 3.1 Mile Run (or Timed Walk/Jog)
C. MARSOC A&S Short Card Calisthenics (reps are adjustable):

1. Push-ups: 30
2. Air Squats: 30
3. Crunches: 30
4. 8-Count Burpees: 10
5. Windmills (stretch/relax): 10

6. Wide Push-ups: 20
7. Mountain Climbers: 30
8. Flutter Kicks: 30
9. 8-Count Burpees: 10
10. Cherry Pickers (stretch/relax): 10

11. Diamond Push-Ups: 15
12. Star Jumpers: 30
13. Back Extensions (Sky Divers): 30
14. 8-Count Burpees: 10
15. Chain Breakers (stretch/relax): 10

16. Push-ups: 30
17. Lunges: 30
18. Hello Dollies: 50
19. 8-Count Burpees: 10
20. Trunk Twists (stretch/relax): 10

21. Pull-ups: 3×4
22. Dips: 3×8

D. Cool Down

Come on out for a run and/or the workout. The workout isn’t written in stone and can be modified or changed up to match your current capacity and goals, no problem.

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MGySgt Paul Roarke’s (USMC) Workout of the Day – October 31   Leave a comment

Here’s Master Gunnery Sargeat Paul Roarke’s (USMC, Ret) personal workout of the day. It starts with equipment and a routine found on the Leadership Reaction Course at his location. with some ingenuity, you can adapt it for what is available at your location. Here’s how it goes:

1. Standard Warm-up
2. Cable Pull-ups (pull-ups on a free hanging cable)
3. Pull-ups: 3×5 & Incline Push-ups 3×25
4. Cable crawls (hanging from and sliding down a 50 ft cable): 2×1 & Crunches: 2×50
5. Weighted Bag Drag (165 lbs): 2 x 40 yards & Push-ups 2×25
6. Weighted Bag Wheel Barrel Ride: 2 x 100 yards & Flutter Kicks 2×50
7. Log Flip (flipping end over end a 12ft 200lb log): 2 x 40 yards) & Wide Push-ups 2×25
8. Ammo Can Stack (large ammo can with about 30lbs of rocks, carry can 50ft lift on to 6ft wall) 2 x 50 ft & Reach Crunches 2 x 50
9. Standard Cool-Down

1/2-Hour Boxing Workout
1. Standard Warm-up
2. Heavy Bag: 15 minutes
3. Rock Climber Pull-ups (RCP) 3 x 5 & Push-ups: 3 x 25
4. Regular Crunches: 50
5. Flutter Kicks: 50
6. Side Crunches: 50
7. Leg Raises: 50
8. Reaching Crunches: 50
9. Standard Cooldown & Stretch

MGySgt Paul Roarke’s (USMC) Workout of the Day – October 30   Leave a comment

Here’s Master Gunnery Sargeant Paul Roarke’s (USMC) personal workout of the day:

1. Warm-Up
2. Run: 5(+) miles in boots – “Nice day!”
3. Crunches: 50
4. Flutter Kicks: 50
5. Elevated Crunches: 50
6. Hello Dollies: 50
7. Side Crunches: 50 each side
8. Leg Raises: 50
9. Reaching Crunches 50
10. Hanging Leg Raises: 3×25
11. Cool-down & Stretch

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Stew Smith’s (Navy SEAL) Workout of the Day – October 30   Leave a comment

Here’s Stew Smith’s (US Navy, SEAL) personal workout routine for today and tomorrow:

Saturday, October 30
1. Warm-up Jog: 5 minutes
2. Warm-up & Dynamic Stretching: 5 minutes
3. Run: 1 mile
4. Circuit Train: Each set…
4a. 8-Count Body Builder Push-ups: 1
4b. Pull-ups: 1 x Set # (e.g. 1 the first set, 2 the 2nd, until fail and then decrease number per set by 1 for each set)
4c. Run 40 meters or Jump Rope 20 seconds
5. Crunches: 40
6. Reverse Crunches: 40
7. Double Crunches: 40
8. Sit-ups: Maximum in 1 minute
9. Run: 3 miles at Long Slow Distance (LSD) pace

Sunday, October 31
1. Warm-up Run: 5:00
2. Stretch
3. Run: 1.5 miles (timed)
4. Stretch
5. Run: 1.5 miles (easy)
Repeat 1-5 10 times
6. Swim: 100 meters hypoxic (crawl)
7. Swim: 50 meters Combat Swimmer’s Sidestroke (see Training Resources page of this web site)

If you have questions about the routine or any of the listed exercises, contact HT Fitness – St. Paul trainer Tom Delaney, at Train hard!

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Marines Take Over on “Biggest Loser” TV   Leave a comment

A tough situation calls for an even tougher solution. That’s why when the producers of the television show “Biggest Losers” needed to call in the big guns to motivate the contestants, they called in the United States Marine Corps! See the preview video HERE.

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Fall is Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test Season   Leave a comment

Fall is the season for the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test. Sargeant Kuande Hall (USMC) explains “The CFT was mandated two years ago to increase Marines’ endurance on the battlefield, and the training continues to support those efforts. So while dragging a fellow comrade across a field and running with ammo cans around cones may sound exhausting, they are the tools we continue to utilize in combat situations. They are necessary when a Marine needs to be quickly evacuated from a hostile environment. They are needed when Marines have to low crawl to safety during a mission. And it is the reason that Marines now must pass an annual CFT in addition to the PFT.” The CFT is a great workout and assessment of anyone’s overall physical fitness. It is the program my NEWTs team will use to prepare for mud run and obstacle course events in 2011 – so get ready you guys! Read the full article HERE. You can also see CFT resources on the Training Resources page of this website!

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Teamwork Gets It Done!   Leave a comment

A recent article from the Marine Corps Training and Education Command explains the importance of teamwork for success. “It takes teamwork and coordination between recruits,” said Recruit Emerson Dorsey, a member of Platoon 1065. “I try to encourage them as much as I can. In the end, I can look them in the eye and say, ‘we made it together, buddy.'” The article explains principles that can be applied to teamwork in many different contexts. Read the full article HERE.

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